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Canadian Dairy and Finished Food Product Manufacturers


Agricultural Adaptation Council (AAC)

Funded/Offered by: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

Summary: Made up of 52 agricultural, agri-food and rural organizations, the AAC was created in 1996 to administer Ontario’s share of the Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development Fund. Currently, it offers 279 projects, including publications, services and programs, totaling $45 million in grants and loan and partial loan guarantees to its members.

Eligibility requirements: The eligibility requirements depend on which programs/services you are applying to. For more detailed information, please visit A list of member organization websites is also available through this link.

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Agricultural Adaptation Council

192 Nicklin Road
Guelph ON N1H 7L5
Tel: (519) 822-7554
Fax: (519) 822-6248
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Research and Innovation at OMAFRA

Research and innovation is important for everyone. It affects all aspects of our lives:
  • produces safer, higher quality food
  • protects our environment
  • produces bioproducts and renewable fuels
  • achieves growth and profitability
  • build stronger rural communities.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs spends over $60 million yearly on research and innovation.

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Rural Economic Development (RED) Program

The Rural Economic Development (RED) program assists with the costs of projects that benefit rural Ontario. Why? In today's economic climate, we can no longer rely on our traditional strengths and advantages to stay competitive in the global market. Communities that succeed in the new economy are those that can attract and retain creative individuals --innovators in technological, cultural and social enterprises. As a province we share a common goal: to create and retain jobs, to revitalize our communities, train and develop the skills of our workforce.
The priorities of the RED program are:
  • Support the Food Processing Sector
  • Community Revitalization
  • Improve Access to Skills Training and Enhancement
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