Canadian Dairy Commission

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Eligibility of Participants

In order to be eligible under the terms of this Program, a cheese manufacturer must receive surplus milk and be a registered Canadian company who obtains its industrial milk requirements from a provincial marketing board/agency only.

Eligible volume of milk and quantity of product are subject to the approval of the provincial milk board that will confirm that the milk uptake is over and above the normal requisitioned volumes. A formal notice must be issued by a provincial milk board confirming the volume of industrial surplus milk being assigned to the cheese manufacturer in a given month. The volume of milk received under SAC will not be included in plant supply quotas (Ontario), historical volumes (Quebec) or part if traditional milk allocation (WMP).

Product Eligibility

a) All types of cheese (fresh or frozen), aged cheeses and rennet casein are deemed eligible to the Program.

b) The Product shall meet the appropriate specifications listed under the CAP Act and Dairy Products Regulations, as amended from time to time.

c) The Product shall be manufactured in an establishment duly registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

d) The Product shall be manufactured between January 23, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

e) Provided all other conditions of the Program have been met and unless otherwise advised in writing by the CDC, the Participant shall be eligible to receive assistance for the storage of the Product:

  • from its date of manufacture, in the case of the case of fresh or frozen cheeses and rennet casein;
  • from its date of cutting, in the case of aged cheese.